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CVR055/CVR055B Carved Wooden shell Rosin Violin shape

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Natural Transparent Rosin Colophony Suited Violin Cello Viola and other Bowed String Instruments.
Rosin Clarity Transparency Make Stringed Instruments Pronuciation Sensitive when Playing.
Wipe with a bow hair,playing time longer and auxiliary improve play pure beautiful tone.
Prevent the player from the harm of dust,and doesn't soften in warm weather.
Pure wood manufacturing, convenient carrying and easy grip.
We have two styles:REDWOOD & BIRDEYES MAPLE WOOD.The BIRDEYES MAPLE WOOD is our subsidiary product.
Price: $ 10
  • CVR055/CVR055B

The BIRDEYES MAPLE WOOD is our subsidiary product.

In order to meet your own needs.

"OEM"Brand Welcome!



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