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Synthetic Core Violin String Set (CASV59)

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These Synthetic core violin strings are of medium tension, optimized for most players!
Each string is individually packed and sealed to protect from corrosion.
When compared to the world's most popular strings (Thomastik Dominant), none of our professionals could tell them apart.
Just like the Dominant strings;
They are warm and resemble gut strings (while being way more resistant to humidity).
They are soft, clear, and rich in overtones.
They're just 25% the price of Dominants!
This best-selling strings in all categories, and probably the most value for your money.
Available Sizes: 4/4-1/8.
  • CASV59

  • catelinet

  • Ball-End E-string (Ball can be removed with tweezers)

  • Medium Gauge

  • Synthetic Core (Perlon Core)

  • Available for violin sizes 4/4-1/4

  • String Diameters & Materials

    E-string 0.26 mm, Steel

    A-string 0.67 mm, Aluminum wound

    D-string 0.83mm, Aluminum wound

    G-string 0.81mm, Nickel wound

  • String Tensions

    G-string: 4.4 kg / 9.7 lbs

      D-string: 3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs
      A-string: 5.1 kg / 11.22 lbs
      E-string: 7.2 kg / 15.84 lbs

  • Winding Colors (Peg Box)

      E - Purple

      A - Pink
      D - Yellow
      G - Black




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